hemp oil for sleep
hemp oil sleep aid
Hemp Oil Sleep Soft Gels (750mg); 1mg melatonin to help get to sleep with 25mg Hemp Extract for a full-nights rest (backside)
Hemp Oil Sleep Soft Gels (750mg); Review by Madison Midgley
Flower of Life Organics

750mg Hemp Extract Soft Gels - Sleep

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Our Hemp Extract Sleep Softgels contain 25mg of Hemp Extract to assist with a more sound and restful sleep.  These Hemp Extract Soft Gels are made with the highest quality Hemp Extract, and organic ingredients, including MCT Coconut Oil.  Each Soft Gel contains 25mg of Hemp Extract drops. Our soft gels are available in multiple concentrations to suit a variety of needs. 

  • Quality Ingredients: These Hemp Oil soft gels are formulated with the finest grade organic ingredients including Hemp Extract and MCT coconut oil. They are Non-GMO and gluten-free. 
  • Controlled Serving: The gluten-free hemp extract soft gels allow for consistent and controlled servings. They do not leave behind any bitter or foul taste.
  • Product Specifications: Each bottle of Flower of Life Organics 750mg Hemp Extract soft gels includes 30 capsules. Each soft gel contains 25mg Hemp Extract and organic ingredients. 

Flower Of Life Organics Hemp Extract capsules are specifically formulated to promote natural sleep patterns and provide relaxation. These organic hemp extract soft gels contain naturally derived ingredients and are Non-GMO and Gluten-Free.The hemp sleep capsules are non-habit-forming and can help boost general wellness with healthy sleep.


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    May take longer to work for some users. Help to improve overall stress, sleep, anxiety, and pain management.